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One of My Favorite People Once Told Me:

“It’s not what you earn, but what you give, that makes the difference. Choose something to do in life that you are passionate about and all the support you need will come. Be creative, find a way to get a nickel from everybody every day and use that money to make a difference in an individual person’s life. Then repeat that process for the rest of your life.” Most importantly, he said, “Let all that you do be done in Love, and all will be well with you.”

Passing On Life Lessons

Safe Water For All

Saving Real People

Today, there are many organizations around the world that are dedicated, passionate, and focused on addressing the global problem of people not having access to the daily, safe potable water required to survive.

Organizations worldwide are working on a vast array of solutions that address every aspect of providing people access to safe water. With less than 6% of the world‘s water being potable, and approximately 25% of that is contaminated, that leaves very little water assessable and safe for human consumption. The problem is that surface water contamination is escalating at an alarming rate.

Scarce Safe Water

Today there are over 2 Billion people who do not have access to the one gallon of safe drinking water required by the human body to survive. Problems of this magnitude must be dealt with by affecting change in an individual’s life and then repeating endlessly. Providing One Person, One Gallon per day of Safe Water, then the next person, family, village, city, country, and the World.

In 2024, with all of the technology available in the world and individual people who have more money than entire countries have, an infant dies every two minutes from water related diseases. We need to ask why, when 5 cents can save an infant’s life and 5 dollars will provide 100 Gallons of Safe Water to serve an entire family. While many organizations focus on the “Big Picture” the need is for the individual person‘s, “I need a gallon of safe water to keep myself and my family alive today.“ or “There is water right there, but I can’t think about drinking it.”

5 Cents Can Save an infant’s Life

Our focus needs to Change. We can do that with ChangeThruChange.

Old Carroded Pipes Are A Big Part of the Problem

An Urgent Problem – Even in the United States

Our water system infrastructure is outdated, overtaxed, and contaminating the potable water supply that serves our entire population. Bottled water, that in most cases is used in emergency relief situations, does not always meet the minimum USDA standards for quality and is NOT the answer. The problems we face here in the USA are happening in countries all over the world and in most cases their problems are often worse by an order of magnitude. Today in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist said that until the city’s water is safe, the state will deliver 35,000 cases of bottled water to the city each week, due to the toxic levels of lead in the water. Replacing Benton Harbor’s infrastructure will take years to rebuild. What do they do in the meantime? There is a solution.

You Can Help!

The amazing thing is that the resources to make a positive global impact are at the fingertips of most people on earth.

Recent US Mint calculations and communications reveal that there is approximately Ten Billion Dollars in uncirculated change lying around in jars and drawers across America on any given day.

There are currently approximately 334 Million people in America. With 10 Billion dollars lying around as described above, that would mean that every person in America, theoretically, would be donating an average of $5.00. That $5.00 could deliver 50 Gallons of Safe Water. All that “Spare Change” could provide 50 gallons of Safe Water to over 200 Million people

If these efforts were unified across the approximately 197 countries in the world, we could use this “Spare Change” for Global Change and make a major impact on the lives of hundreds of millions of people every day.

The health of a community starts with the strength of an individual and their ability and willingness to lend a hand to pull someone else up in life. Now with strong arms and unified hands, together in agreement, a healthy community can thrive. As One we can do much, but all of us Together as One, We can do anything!

Michael A. Salit

Founder & Chief Vision Officer
AmenaCore LLC

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